Your Thoughts and Feedback

Give us your feedback!

Seriously, it helps to have feedback about our webpage, what you think, and feedback helps us help you by fixing bugs you report! So, if you want to help us out by giving us feedback, please do so in the comments! Thanks!

How to contact us otherwise,

If you prefer, instead of commenting, you can just email Appache1, the manager and a primary programmer of BBHR Development, at

~Appache1, BBHR Development


9 thoughts on “Your Thoughts and Feedback

  1. Hey sorry we have only seen your comment now, but, as regards to applying, here is our policy:
    We will not consider an application unless you have experience with coding,( A LOT of people have applied without even knowing the slightest about code, no, seriously!, it’s true!) as we see you do, we would love to check your game out and consider accepting an application.
    So, we have a few questions:
    Could we have your email or something to talk privately with you?
    Where did you hear about us from? (Playmycode or somewhere else)
    Could we check out your game?
    Best Regards, Appache1, BBHR Developement


  2. Are you guys excepting people because if so I would like to apply. I have experience with css and html and I only made 1 game but I could aslo supply you guys with ideas for new games and I can try to gain more of a fan base for your group.

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