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PlayMyCode Expected to Shut Down!

So according to SkyBerron on the PlayMyCode Forums, September 24th is the expiration date for PMC. If this happens, I have 2 concepts in mind for how we can replace PMC. 1 is that I make a website in HTML5 to replace it, or 2 is that I write a Python interpreter to translate Quby code into Pygame code. The advantage to the translator is that it would be a little faster and wouldn’t take as long to create, but it’s downfall would be that it requires the user to have Python 2.7.2 and Pygame installed. For the HTML5 version, it would be a bit harder to code, but could be used by anyone without the need for downloading software. (The site wouldn’t be public, though, of course, because that costs moneys, which we don’t have. I would instead post a link to a GitHub repo which had the HTML code in it and then the user could execute that through their browser.) This whole thing is speculation and the shut down might not even happen, but I’m betting it will. If you want to vote for how I should code the replacement, go here.

~ps4star, BBHR Development

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Achievements & Links

Everyone loves Achievements.. and we have a few!

Note: Some of these games are embedded, meaning you can play them directly from the website, and some links take you to the PMC version.

Games In Development:

~Appache1, BBHR Development

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New Account!, What Next?

New Account!

Me and Jonathawesome8 have a joined account so we can edit each others games easily, share them more easily, etc. it is called BBHRgames if you would like to check us out, but so far, we only have one game: Pokemon Omega Quby/Alpha Syntax, this may remind you of the official title “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire”, a remake of another Pokemon game, and OQAS (my new game) is a remake of Pokemon: Play My Code Version! The next update depends on the paragraph below…

What Next?

I have too much on my mind, and I need a single game to be focused on, but I like them all equally, even if some may be more lacking than others. So vote for which game you think I should continue Here.

–BBHR development team

Informational Updates

About me, ps4star

Hello everyone, my name is ps4star but I don’t mind going by my real name, Colby. I’m now part of the game development team here,(two of two main developers) I actually began coding in Ruby, (an object oriented language, etc.), but I’ve more recently gotten into C++. My (personally) greatest creation is Monopoly Quest but apparently the play count on it when compared to a much simpler game, Chocolia, seams to speak otherwise.  Thank you for reading this post!!

-BBHR Developing

Informational Updates

Another Member!! PS4Star!!

The new member is revealed!!! Now we will have 5 emploees and 2 developers… Double updates for you!! His name is Colby or “ps4star”. He is a skilled developer and we will be glad to welcome him to the team! Some of his games are monopoly quest and “pokemon : play my code version”. PS4Star also has a lot of experimental Play my Code games. To see those just go to the “experiments” tab in play my code. We don’t have any links to his games yet, but we will soon. Thanks for reading!!!                                                                                                                      PS: A lot of you wan’t to be a part of the team… Currently we are not accepting any more editors or authors but you can be a game tester or assistant developer! Although you wan’t get as much pay, you will be a part of the team, to do so, please contact us and we will give additional info.

-BBHR Developing