Game Updates

Intergalactic Warfare Update

Several new changes and improvements have been added in IGW since our last update post, including but not limited to:

  • Improving the battle screen to new weapons, and abilites
  • Fully completed to Build Mode and the bugs accompanying it
  • Added “Resources,” which the player will eventually get from destroying enemy ships, and will use to either sell, trade, or build his or her own ship
  • Added several new parts to the Build Mode
  • Ironed out more bugs… a lot..

Click Here to play the preview of Intergalactic Warfare 0.8.5

~Appache1, BBHR Development

Game Updates

Almost in Alpha!

As we have spent many, many, many hours working on Intergalactic Warfare, we are pleased to announce the project is making steady progress and is almost ready for alpha. It is currently in Pre-Alpha 0.7.8 and we are looking forward to adding new, exciting features. We have vastly added to the game since we last posted, so much, in fact, that it is impossible to produce a list of absolutely everything we have added without boring our readers to sleep. But, here is a short overview of the additions we have implemented:

  • Fixed ENORMOUS amounts of bugs… (which takes most of our time.)
  • We added the fundamental ‘Build Mode’ or ‘Edit Mode’ which allows the player to build their ship to battle with other ships.
  • We added several ‘modules,’ the fundamental building block for ships.
  • We added a sound volume sliding bar in the settings menu.
  • We finished the Build/Edit Mode programming.
  • We added the needed zoom in/out feature for building complex ships.
  • We layed the foundation for the Battle Screen, which will be changed, added onto, and improved drastically in the next few months.
  • We layed the foundation for the Solar System Screen and eventually the Galaxy Screen, which will be a primary feature of the final game.
  • We added 3 new planets, and a traveling system to go to and from them.
  • We added trading posts and docks to the planets, and began working on the resource / economy system.

So, finally, here is Intergalactic Warfare Pre-Alpha Ver. 0.7.8! We hope you enjoy, and we are very excited to implement upcoming updates and additions!

~Appache1, BBHR Development

P.S. If you notice any mistakes or unprofessional writing on some of our very old posts, we sincerely apologize, but because those posts are no longer relevant, or new, we will not be updating or changing any or our original posts.

Game Updates

Intergalactic Warfare Development has Begun

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, We’ve been pretty busy with some things recently. But BBHR Development has started working on possibly the most ambitious project we’ve ever done: Intergalactic Warfare. It’s in mid-early-pre-alpha right now, but we’re always updating it with new awesome stuff! The game was inspired by a space craft game which Appache1 designed. Basically, the player would draw a ship on a piece of paper, and then draw rooms inside it where you keep ammo, TV’s, Fuel, etc. Then, you launch it out to battle someone else’s ship they made in turn-based combat! Now, of course, this version will have a great amount of changes, and will take a LONG time to make (we’re only about 5, maybe 10% done with it at the moment). We will eventually post it to the google play/app store as a free app with in-app purchases, but don’t expect this until late 2016 or early 2017. You can play the Pre-alpha game below, but for now it stays un-published to the Google Play, App Store, and PMC. But don’t worry, I know how much you’re just DYING to see what the game looks like, so, here is a pre-alpha version:

Click Here to play Pre-Alpha 0.7.9. (Enjoy!)

~ps4star, BBHR Development


Game Updates

I’m active again! 2 New Games also!

Hello everyone! I’ve been relatively inactive recently, and I’d like to announce 2 new games! The first is a Pokemon Guitar Hero-ish-ish game where you press the home row keys on your keyboard to “Hit the notes”. The first song of the game is about 20% coded, so unfortunately, it won’t be too playable any time soon :/. The second game, Nano Bots, is an incremental game where you buy little bots to get stuff for you (sounds awesome, right?).  However, I do have a cool idea for a game that isn’t too far out of our reach that I MAY start on in the future. The concept is a traditional RPG where you can walk around and talk to people. Something like this would be INSANELY hard to code with PMC’s engine (despite how easily others can make it), but I believe the challenge could be completed pretty soon, now that we all have learned the language thoroughly!

~ps4star, BBHR Development

Game Updates

Money Ultra Alpha Update

We are working steadily on Money Ultra, coming out with a new update today!

So, Money Ultra (Name TBD) is not yet published, and we still have a long way to go, but, we are working steadily and quickly on it, and we have added several features and fixed several bugs, bringing the pre-alpha stage to an end, and bringing the game into the alpha stage!

Added Features

  • Development Cheats
  • Acres available to buy
  • Corn available to sell
  • Revamped options menu (many new options)
  • Credits
  • Music
  • SFX
  • Other small features

Money Ultra Coming Soon!

~Appache1, BBHR Development