Informational Updates

PlayMyCode Expected to Shut Down!

So according to SkyBerron on the PlayMyCode Forums, September 24th is the expiration date for PMC. If this happens, I have 2 concepts in mind for how we can replace PMC. 1 is that I make a website in HTML5 to replace it, or 2 is that I write a Python interpreter to translate Quby code into Pygame code. The advantage to the translator is that it would be a little faster and wouldn’t take as long to create, but it’s downfall would be that it requires the user to have Python 2.7.2 and Pygame installed. For the HTML5 version, it would be a bit harder to code, but could be used by anyone without the need for downloading software. (The site wouldn’t be public, though, of course, because that costs moneys, which we don’t have. I would instead post a link to a GitHub repo which had the HTML code in it and then the user could execute that through their browser.) This whole thing is speculation and the shut down might not even happen, but I’m betting it will. If you want to vote for how I should code the replacement, go here.

~ps4star, BBHR Development


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