Game Updates

Intergalactic Warfare Development has Begun

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, We’ve been pretty busy with some things recently. But BBHR Development has started working on possibly the most ambitious project we’ve ever done: Intergalactic Warfare. It’s in mid-early-pre-alpha right now, but we’re always updating it with new awesome stuff! The game was inspired by a space craft game which Appache1 designed. Basically, the player would draw a ship on a piece of paper, and then draw rooms inside it where you keep ammo, TV’s, Fuel, etc. Then, you launch it out to battle someone else’s ship they made in turn-based combat! Now, of course, this version will have a great amount of changes, and will take a LONG time to make (we’re only about 5, maybe 10% done with it at the moment). We will eventually post it to the google play/app store as a free app with in-app purchases, but don’t expect this until late 2016 or early 2017. You can play the Pre-alpha game below, but for now it stays un-published to the Google Play, App Store, and PMC. But don’t worry, I know how much you’re just DYING to see what the game looks like, so, here is a pre-alpha version:

Click Here to play Pre-Alpha 0.7.9. (Enjoy!)

~ps4star, BBHR Development



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