Game Updates

I’m active again! 2 New Games also!

Hello everyone! I’ve been relatively inactive recently, and I’d like to announce 2 new games! The first is a Pokemon Guitar Hero-ish-ish game where you press the home row keys on your keyboard to “Hit the notes”. The first song of the game is about 20% coded, so unfortunately, it won’t be too playable any time soon :/. The second game, Nano Bots, is an incremental game where you buy little bots to get stuff for you (sounds awesome, right?).  However, I do have a cool idea for a game that isn’t too far out of our reach that I MAY start on in the future. The concept is a traditional RPG where you can walk around and talk to people. Something like this would be INSANELY hard to code with PMC’s engine (despite how easily others can make it), but I believe the challenge could be completed pretty soon, now that we all have learned the language thoroughly!

~ps4star, BBHR Development


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