Informational Updates

New Account!, What Next?

New Account!

Me and Jonathawesome8 have a joined account so we can edit each others games easily, share them more easily, etc. it is called BBHRgames if you would like to check us out, but so far, we only have one game: Pokemon Omega Quby/Alpha Syntax, this may remind you of the official title “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire”, a remake of another Pokemon game, and OQAS (my new game) is a remake of Pokemon: Play My Code Version! The next update depends on the paragraph below…

What Next?

I have too much on my mind, and I need a single game to be focused on, but I like them all equally, even if some may be more lacking than others. So vote for which game you think I should continue Here.

–BBHR development team


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