Informational Updates

Another Member!! PS4Star!!

The new member is revealed!!! Now we will have 5 emploees and 2 developers… Double updates for you!! His name is Colby or “ps4star”. He is a skilled developer and we will be glad to welcome him to the team! Some of his games are monopoly quest and “pokemon : play my code version”. PS4Star also has a lot of experimental Play my Code games. To see those just go to the “experiments” tab in play my code. We don’t have any links to his games yet, but we will soon. Thanks for reading!!!                                                                                                                      PS: A lot of you wan’t to be a part of the team… Currently we are not accepting any more editors or authors but you can be a game tester or assistant developer! Although you wan’t get as much pay, you will be a part of the team, to do so, please contact us and we will give additional info.

-BBHR Developing


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